Maktaba Shia – Shia and Ahlul Bayt Reference Books

With this app you can download and research Shia’ important reference books such as Biharul Anwar, Wasail Shia, Al-Kafi and so on, provided in Arabic interface.

To download each book, you must have an internet connection. Then choose one you wish by tapping it and wait until download and extraction process completed. Then you will see the book on the home screen of the app.

Once you downloaded your favorite books, you can read it even in offline mode.

Tap downloaded book to open the book. There you will see the book pages. Navigate between pages by swiping the page screen or enter page any page number you desire.

You can find any word inside the book using search feature of this app. You can also add any pages into your favorite pages list in each book.

Get tens of important reference Shia books in its original text (Arabic) right now. We will add more books soon to be available to download.

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