Rules Regarding Other Religious Places | Islamic Laws by The Leader Ayatullah Ali Khamenei


Rules Regarding Other Religious Places


Q 421: Is it permissible to register a Husayniyyah under the names of certain persons?

A: It is impermissible to register a Husayniyyah that is endowed for holding religious ceremonies as private property and there is no need to register it — as an endowment — under the names of specific persons. In any case, registering it as an endowment under the names of some persons is better done after obtaining the permission of all those who contribute in its construction.


Q 422: It is stated in the books on practical laws that it is not permissible for a junub person or a menstruating woman to enter the shrines of the Imams (a.). Please explain whether what is meant by the shrines is only the area beneath the dome or does it include all buildings connected to that area?

A: The shrine means the area under the blessed dome and that which is commonly recognized as the shrine and the holy place where an Imam (a.) is buried. As far as the attached building and porches are concerned, they are not subject to the rules of the shrine; therefore, there is no problem in the entrance of a junub person or a menstruating woman in them except those sections that have the title of masjid.


Q 423: A Husayniyyah was built next to an old masjid. At present, this masjid does not have enough space to accommodate all of the people who want to perform prayer. Is it permissible to incorporate the said Husayniyyah to this masjid and use it as a part of the masjid?

A: There is no problem in performing prayers in the Husayniyyah. However, if the Husayniyyah has been endowed correctly, according to shar, as a Husayniyyah, it is not permissible to transform it to a masjid or incorporate it to the adjacent masjid under the title of masjid.


Q 424: Could the carpets and properties donated — as nadhr — to the shrine of one of the descendants of the Imams (a.) be used in the jami masjid of an area?

A: There is no problem in it provided that they are in excess of the needs of the shrine and its visitors.


Q 425: Do the rules of a masjid also apply to the takiyahs that are founded under the name of Abulfadl (a.), etc.? Please, clarify the rules of such centers.

A: The rules of a masjid do not apply to takiyahs and Husayniyyahs.