A Travel for the Purposes of Committing a Sin | Islamic Laws by The Leader Ayatullah Ali Khamenei


A Travel for the Purposes of Committing a Sin


Q 677: If one knows that they will be engaged in sinful and Haram conduct during the journey they are about to make, will their prayer be full or shortened?

A: If their journey is not for the sake of neglecting an obligatory act or committing Haram, their rule will be that of normal travelers, namely, shortened prayer.


Q 678: If someone travels without the intent to commit a sinful act, but on the way he pursues his journey for a sinful purpose, is it obligatory for him to shorten the prayers? Are the shortened prayers he performed on the way correct?

A: It is obligatory for him to perform prayer in full from the time he intends to continue his travel for the sake of a sinful act and to repeat in full the prayers shortened he performed after continuing the journey for a sinful purpose.


Q 679: What is the rule that applies to a picnic made for pleasure, or a journey for purchasing the necessities of life, supposing that one will have no access during the journey to a place for praying or carrying out its preliminaries?

A: If he knows that he will have to forsake a prayer obligation during the journey, it is a caution to refrain from such a trip unless that results in harm or causes an unbearable hardship. Anyhow, it is impermissible to neglect ones prayer for any reason.