The Two id Prayers | Islamic Laws by The Leader Ayatullah Ali Khamenei


The Two id Prayers


Q 631: What kind of obligatory duties are the two id prayers in your opinion?

A: The two id prayers are not obligatory but mustaHabb in the present period.


Q 632: Does any increase or decrease in the qunut of id prayers make them invalid?

A: Prayers are not invalidated by this if the meaning of increase or decrease is to elongate or shorten the qunut itself. While if it means increases or decrease in the number of the qunuts, one should offer the id prayer as it is mentioned within the books of jurisprudence.


Q 633: In the past, every imam of congregational prayers used to perform id of Fitr prayers in his masjid. Is it permissible for imams of the masjids in the current period to hold the two id prayers?

A: It is permissible for the representatives of the Jurist Leader who are permitted by him to hold id prayers, and also for the Friday prayer imams, who have been appointed by him, to hold id prayers in congregation during the current period. As for any other individual, it is based on caution to perform them individually, and it does not matter if he performs them in congregation as something hopefully — not surely — desired in Islamic law. If it is deemed exigent that only one id prayer be held in a city, it is preferable not to be led by anyone other than the Imam of Friday prayer appointed by the Jurist Leader.


Q 634: Is there any qada for the id of Fiṭr prayer?

A: It does not have any qada.


Q 635: Does id of Fiṭr prayer have any Iqamah?

A: It does not have any Iqamah.


Q 636: If an imam of Friday prayer recites Iqamah for id of Fiṭr prayer, what will be the rule of his prayers and that of others who are praying behind him?

A: It harms neither the id prayer of the imam nor those of the followers.