Prayer Performed by Hiring | Islamic Laws by The Leader Ayatullah Ali Khamenei


Prayer Performed by Hiring


Q 705: I am unable to perform prayer. May someone else pray on my behalf? Is there any difference between taking a representative for a wage and without it?

A: According to Islamic law, it is obligatory for every living mukallaf themselves to perform their obligatory prayers in any possible way. And an agents prayers, whether it is for a wage or without it, do not relieve them of this obligation.


Q 706: Someone is hired to perform prayer on anothers behalf, how is he to go about it?

i. Is it obligatory for him to recite the adhan, the Iqamah, and the threefold salams, and the complete tasbiHat al-arbaah?

ii. If he performs the noon and afternoon prayers, for example, one day and performs the complete five daily prayers on the next day, will it be necessary to observe their order?

iii. Is it necessary to mention the specifics of the deceased person for the prayer performed on their behalf?

A: Mentioning the specifics of the deceased person is not necessary. Order should be observed only between noon and afternoon and between maghrib and isha. If the person hired to perform the prayers is not ordered to follow a particular method in the hiring contract, and there is no usual method implied by the generality of the contract, he must perform the prayers along with the mustaHabb acts which are normally performed, but it will not be obligatory for him to say adhan for all the prayers.