Birthdays and Festivals | Islamic Laws by The Leader Ayatullah Ali Khamenei


Birthdays and Festivals


Q1454. Is it permissible to strike "The pact of brotherhood" on days other than the id of Ghadir Khum?

A: It is not known that concluding such a pact is confined to the occasion of celebrating "the id of Ghadir Khum", although it is advisable and, as a caution, to confine it to that.


Q1455. Should "The pact of brotherhood" be concluded in accordance with the handed down format, or can it be done in any other language?

A: No certain formula is transmitted in this regard.


Q1456. What is your opinion with regard to the festival of Nawruz (the celebration of the Iranian New Year)?

In other words, is there any basis in the precepts of divine law that it has to be celebrated in parity with such festivals as id of Fiṭr and id of AdHa, or is it a blessed day as any other holy day such as Friday, etc?

A: There is no reliable report that may point to the fact that Nawruz is considered among religious festivals or holy days. However, there is no harm in celebrating or visiting ones relatives on this day. Indeed, if is as an occasion for reinforcing ties among blood relatives, it is recommendable.


Q1457. Is there any truth in what has been reported of the lofty position of the Day of Nawruz and the great reward that could be reaped for engaging in acts of worship on that day? Is it permissible to engage in these acts of worship as really desired in Islam?

A: Doing so with the intention of being really reported in shar is problematic and a matter for contemplation. However, there is no harm in engaging in these acts of worship in the hope of being mustaHabb in Islam.