To Change from One Marji to Another | Islamic Laws by The Leader Ayatullah Ali Khamenei

To Change from One Marji to Another


Q 29: We obtained permission of a mujtahid, who is not the most knowledgeable, to continue following a deceased marji. If the permission of the most learned mujtahid is required here, is it now obligatory to change our taqlid to the most learned mujtahid and seek his permission to continue following the deceased marji?

A: If the fatwa of the mujtahid, who is not the most learned, in this matter is similar to that of the most learned mujtahid, there is no problem in following the former and it is not required to change to the most learned mujtahid.


Q 30: To stop acting upon one of Imam Khomeinis (q.) fatwas, is it obligatory for me to refer to that mujtahid whose permission I obtained to continue following the deceased mujtahid, or may I refer to other mujtahids also?

A: Caution goes with reference to the fatwas of the mentioned mujtahid unless there is another living mujtahid who is the most knowledgeable and whose fatwa in the matter of changing ones taqlid differs from that of the first one. In such a case, it is an obligatory caution to refer to the most learned mujtahid.


Q 31: May one change ones marji?

A: It is an obligatory caution not to change from a living mujtahid to another living one unless the latter is — at least probably — the most learned.


Q 32: As a pious teenager I used to follow Imam Khomeini (q.). This was before I reached the age of shari puberty and my taqlid was not based on religious proof but on the conviction that following Imam (q.) would discharge me of my obligations. After some time, I changed to another marji but my changing was also invalid. Then I changed to you after the second marji passed on. What is the rule concerning my taqlid of that marji and my acts during that period, in particular? What is my duty now?

A: Your past actions, which were performed based on the Imams (q.) fatwas during his blessed life or after his demise — in continuation of his taqlid — are ruled as valid. Regarding those acts you performed on the basis of making taqlid of another marji — which had not been grounded on shari standards — if they are in accordance with the fatwas of the mujtahid you must follow now, they are ruled as correct and would absolve you of any further obligation. Otherwise it is obligatory to repeat those acts. At present, you have the choice either to continue following the late Imam (q.) or to change to someone you consider qualified to be followed based on shari criteria.