Satellite Television Equipment | Islamic Laws by The Leader Ayatullah Ali Khamenei

Satellite Television Equipment
Q1206. Is it permissible to buy, keep and use satellite television equipment to receive programs? And what is the ruling if a person gets such equipment for free?
A: By virtue of its nature, a satellite receiver is a medium to access television programs whether the latter are Halal or Haram. Thus, they are treated as instruments that serve a dual purpose in that it is Haram to buy, sell, or acquire them in order to use them for Haram purposes. Conversely, they are Halal if they are used for Halal ends.
However, since satellite equipment makes it so easy for its owner to receive Haram programs, and sometimes leads to other corruptive matters, it is not permissible to buy or keep them unless for a person who is absolutely sure that he is not going to use the equipment for Haram purposes and the availability of such equipment at home is not going to lead to any bad consequence.
Q1207. Is it permissible for those who live outside the Islamic Republic to buy and sell satellite television equipment to receive the channels of the Islamic Republic?
A: Despite the fact that the said equipment is regarded as that serving a dual purpose, which could be used for Halal aims, it is, in the main, used for Haram purposes; in addition, it may entail other evil practices if used at home. It is, therefore, not permissible to buy and use at home unless for one who is absolutely sure that it is not going to be used for Haram purposes and that installing it at home is not going to lead to any other evil practice.
Q1208. What is the view if the satellite equipment is programmed in such a way that it receives the channels of the Islamic Republic, news bulletins and useful programs of the Persian Gulf television stations plus all Western and corruptive channels?
A: The criterion for making it permissible to use this equipment for receiving television programs is what we have just outlined, regardless of whether the station is Western or otherwise.
Q1209. What is the ruling in the matter of installing satellite television equipment to receive scientific and Quranic programs or the like that are broadcast by Western countries or others?
A: Although the use of such equipment to watch scientific and Quranic programs via satellite is not objectionable in itself, programs broadcast by the satellite television stations of Western and most of the neighboring countries often contain misleading poisonous material and misrepresentations of the truths as well as programs of lahw and corruption and even watching [the so-called] Quranic and scientific programs could lead to corrupt and Haram practices. Accordingly, it is Haram as per Islamic law to make use of satellite television equipment to watch these programs unless the programs are useful and pure scientific or Quranic ones so that watching them does not entail any corruption or Haram act.
Q1210. I repair television and radio receivers. Of late, many customers have been approaching me to install and/or repair their satellite equipment. What should I do? And what is the ruling in the matter of selling and buying spare parts for such equipment?
A: It is not permissible to repair, buy, sell, install, or operate this equipment or spare parts should the end use of the equipment be Haram — which is often the case — or that you are sure it is going to be used for a Haram purpose.