Tanya Jawab Fikih Rahbar Bahasa Inggris

App yang satu ini memuat ribuan tanya jawab fatwa Rahbar yang meliputi topik-topik di bawah ini:

Options: Caution, Ijtihad, and Taqlid

Conditions of Taqlid

Methods to Know Who Is Mujtahid / the Most Learned Mujtahid, and to Obtain His fatwas

To Change from One Marji to Another

To Continue with Following a Deceased Marji

Miscellaneous Issues of Taqlid

Marjiiyyah and Leadership

Authority of the Jurist Leader and the Edict of the Authorized Religious Authority

Rules Concerning the Different Types of Water

Rules of the Lavatory

Rules of Wudu

The Rules for Touching the Names of Allah, the Glorious, and the Verses of the

Rules of the Ghusl of Janabah

Rules of an Invalid Ghusl

Rules of Tayammum

Rules Pertaining to Women

Rules of the Dead

Rules of Najis Substances

Ruling of Intoxicants

Obsession and Its Treatment

Rules of Non-Muslims

Importance and Conditions of Prayer

Prayer Times


The Place of Praying

Rules of a Masjid

Rules Regarding Other Religious Places

Clothes of the Praying Person

Wearing and Using Gold and Silver

Adhan and Iqamah

Recitation [of the FatiHah and the Other Chapter] and its Rules

Dhikr of Prayer

Rules of Prostration

Things that Invalidate Prayer

Rules of Greeting in Prayers

Doubt in Prayers

Qada Prayer

Qada Prayers of the Parents

Congregational Prayers

Rule of Incorrect Recitation by a Congregational Prayer Imam

Congregational Prayer Led by a Person Lacking a Body Part

Womens Attendance in Congregational Prayer

Performing Congregational Prayer behind Sunnis

Friday Prayer

The Two id Prayers

A Travelers Prayer

Someone for Whom Traveling Is a Job or a Preliminary for the Job

Rule of Students

Intent of Traveling the Shari Distance and Staying for Ten Days

Tarakhkhuṣ Limit

A Travel for the Purposes of Committing a Sin

Rules Regarding the Watan

Wifes and Childrens Following as far as Watan Is Concerned

Rules of Large Cities

Prayer Performed by Hiring

ayat Prayer


Miscellaneous Issues of Prayers


Pregnant and Nursing Women

Illness and Restriction by a Physician

Fast Invalidators

Remaining Junub


Rules of Breaking Fasting

Kaffarah of the Fast and Its Amount

Making up Missed Fasts

Miscellaneous Issues on Fasting

Sighting the New Moon

Gift, Present, Bank Prize, Dowry, and Inheritance

Loan, Monthly Salary, Insurance, and Retirement Pension

Selling a House, Means of Transportation, and Lands

Treasure, the Spoils of War, and Halal Mixed With Haram Property


Mudawarah, MuṣalaHah, and Khums Mixed with other Things


The Method of Calculating Khums

Determining the Khums Year

The Authority in Charge of Khums

Sayyids Share and How to Be Considered as a Sayyid

Areas in which Khums Is Spent, Obtaining Permissions, Gift, and the Monthly Stipends Paid by Islamic seminaries

Miscellaneous Issues Related to Khums



Conditions under Which Enjoining the Good and Forbidding Evil Becomes Obligatory

How to Enjoin the Good and Forbid Evil

Miscellaneous Issues of enjoining the good and forbidding evil

Trading in Inherently Najis Merchandises

Getting Wages for Obligatory Actions


Gambling Instruments

Music and Ghina



Non-maHrams Pictures and Films

Satellite Television Equipment

Theatre and Cinema

Painting and Sculpture

Magic, Conjuring, and Evocation of Spirits and Jinn




Purchasing and Sales Agents



Artificial Insemination and In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

Gender Change

Autopsy, Anatomical Dissection and Transplantation


Study of Medicine

Teaching, Learning and Their Proprieties


Dealing with non-Muslims

Working for Oppressive States


Aping the Infidels and Spreading Their Culture

Immigration and Political Asylum

Spying, Defamation and Disclosing Secrets

Smoking and Narcotics

Shaving the Beard

Attending Gatherings of Debauchery

Writing Supplications and Istikharah


Birthdays and Festivals

Hoarding and Extravagance

Terms of Contract

Conditions of the Contracting Parties

Fuduli Sale

Those with the Right of Disposal

Terms of Exchanged Items in a Sale

Conditions Stipulated in the Contract

Miscellaneous Sale Issues

1. Revocation at the Place of the Deal

2. Revocation due to Defects Found

3. Revocation due to Delay

4. Stipulated Right of Revocation

5. Revocation Based on Observation

6. Revocation due to Unfairness

7. Revocable Sale

8. Revocation due to Non-compliance with a Condition

Miscellaneous Issues Concerning Revocation

Attached Property

Delivery and Receipt

Credit and Cash Sale


Buying and Selling Gold, Silver and Money

Miscellaneous Issues in Business

Rules Concerning Riba

Right of Pre-emption

Hiring, Renting, and Lease

Sarqofli Rulings


Pawning and Mortgaging


Presents and Gifts

Debt and Loan


Power of Attorney

Bill of Exchange

MustaHabb Alms

Deposits and Loaned Properties

Leaving a Will


Placement under Guardianship and Signs of Maturity

Silent Partnership


Bank Prizes

Working in the Banking Sector

Rules of Checks


State Property

Working for State Departments

State Laws

Taxes and Fees


Endowment Conditions

Conditions Concerning the Trustees of Endowments

Conditions Concerning Endowed Properties

Conditions Concerning the Beneficiary of Endowment

Endowment Terminology

Rules of Endowment


Sale of Endowment and Changing its Use

Rules Concerning Graveyards


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